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Emergency Physical Therapist 2022 Virtual Conference & Meeting

A conference designed for sharing the latest  practices for Emergency Physical Therapists 

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The Event for Physios/PTs Across Emergency Care Settings


Emergency physical therapist practice is unique due to the unique demands across various settings across the globe. 


Whether you are a physical therapist in a large urban or small rural hospital, urgent care, wilderness, covering sporting events, responding to a disaster, being ready for whatever comes your way, and quickly shifting gears across the scope of practice is essential. 

Now in our third year of this annual event, we are ready to do something extraordinary again! 

This virtual event will include a full session panel discussion, in addition to a series of hybrid live and recorded sessions to allow more interactive discussion with speakers and participants. 



Panel Discussion: 

Critical Care Specialists and the Emergency Physical Therapist






Ellen Hillegass, PT, PhD, CCS, FAPTA

Adjunct Professor at Mercer University Dept of Physical Therapy  |  PT Cardiopulmonary Educators

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Kali Dayton, DNP, AGACNP

Intermountain Healthcare |  Podcast Host, "Walking Home from the ICU"

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Panelist 3 TB





Caitlin Farmer, Physio

Clinical Lead, Advanced Practice | MACP | National Chair, APA ED group |

PhD Candidate, Monash University

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

An overview of emergency physiotherapy and advanced practice in the Australian health care context.

Session description: 

This session will cover emergency physiotherapy in Australia with some brief history of the role and its evolution in Australia, including relevant research and economic data. A brief overview of the Australian Healthcare system will be provided for context, with case studies as appropriate.


Caitlin Farmer has over 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. She has worked in Emergency Departments since 2008 and as a Clinical Lead since 2012, implementing a range of advanced practice clinics and services. Caitlin is currently the Clinical Lead for Advanced practice at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and works across three metropolitan emergency departments in Melbourne as an Advanced Practice physiotherapist. She also works in advanced practice roles in Neurosurgery and Orthopaedics and is a Member of the Australian College of Physiotherapists. Caitlin is on the Australian Physiotherapy Association National Advisory Council, is current National chair of the Advanced Practice and Emergency Department group and is on the Diagnostic Imaging Advisory Council for the Australian Federal Government. She has an undergraduate physiotherapy degree from Latrobe University, a Postgraduate Master's of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and is currently completing a PhD at Monash University involving optimisation of radiology reporting of low back pain.



Howard S. Kim, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Evaluating emergency department physical therapy interventions for acute low back pain and dizziness/vertigo

This lecture will summarize existing evidence for emergency department-based physical therapy (ED PT) interventions for acute low back pain, identify gaps in research and barriers to implementation of ED PT care models, and describe the rationale and design of two recently launched trials at Northwestern Memorial Hospital evaluating ED PT interventions for acute low back pain and dizziness/vertigo.


Howard S. Kim, MD, MS, is an emergency medicine physician and health services researcher at Northwestern University and an Associate Editor at JAMA Network Open. Dr. Kim's research focuses on improving the management of acute pain and reducing harms from substance use disorder. He is currently conducting an R01-funded trial of an embedded physical therapy care protocol for acute low back pain in the emergency department.

Evaluating Emergency Department Physical Therapy Interventions for Acute Low Back Pain and Dizziness/Vertigo.

Christopher G. Bise, PT, DPT, OCS, PhD

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

The Emergency Department as the Provider of Choice for Low Back Pain 


The emergency department (ED) has been identified as a portal of entry for a significant number of patients seeking care for acute low back pain (LBP). Current estimates indicate that between 4-5% of all ED visits are for LBP. Rarely, however is acute LBP an emergent condition. Information on the quality of care for the treatment of LBP in the ED is limited. Existing evidence shows a tendency toward frequent diagnostic testing and medication use, with two-thirds of patients receiving an opioid during their ED visit. Currently, we have little information regarding the trajectory of care for patients following a non-work related ED visit for LBP. This presentation highlights the care being delivered in the ED for patients with LBP and examined the association between guideline-based care (i.e., concordant) during an ED visit and subsequent health care utilization.


Dr. Bise's 25 year career spans insurance, clinical, and academic settings. Academically, he is a published author with 20+ publications. His publications have addressed the cost effectiveness of interventions for knee OA, the reliability of physical exam procedures, the implementation of quality improvement initiatives and the theoretical concepts surrounding the treatment of low back pain. As a consultant Dr. Bise has leveraged his clinical and academic experience to champion value based initiatives for musculoskeletal care including the implementation of data driven quality metrics. His current research focuses on the influence of the first provider seen for low back pain and the influence on subsequent resource utilization. This research has expanded into all musculoskeletal diagnoses and disorders as well as the influence of Emergency Department use for dizziness and falls. When not at work, Dr. Bise can be found shuttling his children to sporting events or trying to relive his youth as an aging lacrosse and hockey player.


Open Mic - Sweet 7

An elevator pitch to test?  An idea to bounce off the crowd?  Or perhaps you would like to delve into a practice-related opinion segment?


Let us know if you want to take the mic for 7-minutes to present a new idea, stir up an old one, or are new to the circuit and want to start light. Spaces for this will be limited - contact us if you would like your name in the hat. 

EPT Community Meetings

Next meeting:  April 2022

To continue the work we began at the Inaugural 2019 Emergency PT Conference, this is where we plan ahead. Viewing is just fine, participating is welcomed and encouraged!


Conference attendance or registration is not required. 

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Event Schedule

Friday, Dec 3

5:45 EST Doors open

6-7 EST  Critical Care / EPT Panel Discussion

7-8 Emergency Physiotherapy & Australian Advance Practice

8-10 EST Open Mic - Take 5 & Happy Hour 

Saturday, Dec 4

4-5 EST Economics & LBP

5-6 EST Back Pain, Dizziness/Vertigo

6:15-7:00 Dinner Meeting - Open attendance* 

*Must pre-register if non-conference attendee.


Registration is open to attend single or both days.

Space is limited


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